Wonder Deck

Wonder Deck

200 SEK

Playing cards for effective ideation

Wonder is a game to play at the beginning of your workshop that makes your team laugh and think. Fresh ideas, here they come.

Putting smart people into a room to solve a problem is a great start. But that’s rarely enough. You need a creative environment for ideas to flourish. Here’s how the Wonder Deck helps your team with just a 15 minute warm-up:

  • Take the pressure off

    A team with a clear and open mind gives ideas the best chance to be heard, grow and die as needed.

  • Idea generation 101

    Creativity is about making new connections between thoughts and concepts. Learn how without theories or lectures.

  • Inspiration for later

    By priming your team with examples, ideas and references that are unrelated and unexpected, they’ll have the tools and mindset to push the discussion further than ever before.